Stormtrooper Samurai

I thought it would be cool to draw up a stormtrooper samurai. This was an idea I saw on behance and decided to have my own take at it. Here is my creative process for the drawing:

Here I just did a quick sketch of how it might look like without details. This was just to give me a sense of where to shade and tone on the real drawing.

Here I did a quick transfer using willow charcoal on toned cold press paper. The hardest part was simple, this was a symmetrical drawing which was something I'm not good at. I look back and there are things I should have done. It's all about the creative process here which is great because you learn new techniques about art. That being said I've learned that doing a symmetrical drawing or portrait I should've added at least a line going vertically and horizontally.

I usually work by filling everything as a whole but this time I wanted to try to work in sections. This allowed me to see the highlights and also see what it will look like If I filled the left side.

And there it is! The stormtrooper samurai. Thank you star wars and pop culture. I still feel I need to add some toning in the background but whatever I'll leave it at that. Hope you guys enjoyed my creative process for this drawing!

I redid the eyes because I thought something was wrong. I figured that I wasn't happy with the eyes. I reverted it back to bigger eyes so the stormtrooper won't lose his features. So here's the fix:

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