Colonel Sanders

"Colonel Sanders"
Creative process for my rooster drawing wearing a victorian military helmet.

I didn't get to capture the sketch but I already sketched out the bird earlier and didn't get a chance to document it. So here the first image, I've simply blocked in the face with the colors of the rooster seeing where the light hits on his gobbler thing. I had to find a way to give texture of the bumpy surface so I gave it a little style and made it a little bigger so it looks like chicken pox! I've used a range of colors on the rooster's face: red, violet, navy blue, orange, peach all makes up for the rooster's skin tones.

Second image below, blocked in helmet. helmet consisted of two shades of green and some brown

Fourth image below, I blocked in the mohawk thing on the helmet and colored in his body. His body was tricky, I have little experience when it comes to feather and fur, so I just did it my way which I think added some character to the rooster beast. Colors consisted of: Green, brown, navy blue, and red.

Fifth image below, Here I darkened some areas doing final touch ups on the helmet, face and fur. Also obviously adding a background. I wouldn't worry too much about the white area below the drawing since it will be matted covering most of the white. I will probably color in a little bit of the feathers around my initials though.

Hope you enjoyed this drawing!

As for the title, I had to choose between Colonel Sanders or General's Chicken.

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